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Cornwall 2022

The holiday in the Lizard Peninsula, Cornwall

Ten post jest również dostępny w języku polskim.

Well, the weather was supposed to be nice in July, but I did not expect it to be this nice - a heatwave that just coincidentally happened at the same time as my long awaited holiday. Oh man. Life.

I’ve packed my favourite shirts and jumped for the seven hour long drive to Cornwall. The roads were surprisingly busy, but the journey was uneventful, which is what one wants.

First stop was the St Austell Brewery, where I got a few beers and ciders.

The brewery was established in 1851 and is known for the Tribute Ale, Proper Job and a few others.

Once through there I got back in the car and went to Coverack to chill for a bit.

I had some time to kill, as the check in for my Airbnb wasn’t open until 4 pm, so I spent it sitting on this beach, drinking soft drinks.

I have to say though, I haven’t considered the hills, and living in the quite flat Cambridgeshire I’m not that used to them, so by the time I actually managed to get back to the car, I was exhausted. It was time to grab something to eat - fortunately in UK Wetherspoons are everywhere. I went to Helston and got a dinner there.

I then went towards the St Keverne. I had to be very careful driving on the curvy roads, but eventually I got to the Puffin Lodge - my base for the next few days.

The Lizard

Next day I went to the Lizard, to see the most southerly point of the British mainland.

The views in there were just stunning


On Thursday I went to the other coast - to Perranporth, simply because I wanted to lay down on a sandy beach.

The day was quite windy, but that didn’t stop me. Equipped with everything I needed, including sunscreen, I’ve picked a spot and laid down.

The End

The journey back home took 11 hours, where I unpacked and just fell onto bed. I’ve definitely enjoyed it and would recommend going there to anyone, just take the sunscreen with you!

I do recommend visiting the Lizard Peninsula, but for the love of all that is holy, get yourself some sunscreen!

As always, you can check out more pictures in the gallery.