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Grindslow Knoll / Edale

A Saturday hiking getaway in Edale, Peak District

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I needed to get out of the house. This time I went to Edale, a tiny village in Peak District, England.

Grindslow Knoll near Edale

From there I went for a four hour long hike. The views up there were definitely worth it… well, see for yourself!

I’ve made a quick stop at the Edale Visitor Centre, as in the typical me way I forgot to take the batteries for the GPS - and I did forget to replace them after my getaway to Wales.

Going up was quite challenging, especially considering my lack of any kind of shape (other than round). As the initial climb was a bit steep, there was at least a few times I’ve almost given up. Heck, I’ve laid down for a few minutes about half way up to the top to.

Once I was able to stand again I needed to make a decision - to go back or to keep going up? Well, I felt better, so I’ve decided - up. Just going to take it a bit slower and make more stops, when necessary.

Eventually I did get over the initial climb - 300 meters up over a 1.5km route - the views (and the wind) were blowing me away.

Of course once I’ve reached the top, the feeling of accomplishment has overridden any tiredness. Much to my surprise, a lot of people were already there - almost like they couldn’t sleep or something?

The views were stunning though.

Overall, I enjoyed the hike quite a lot. Peak District has a lot more to offer and I’m certain it won’t be my last time there.

As always, you can see all the photos in the Gridslow Knoll / Edale album.