Things I've worked on — commercial and personal

Carp Cabin Mobile

One-page website for fishing shop

A simple website for the Carp Cabin Mobile — containing contact info and links to newly opened online shop and Facebook page, as the company is looking to expand their business.

Bootstrap 5

Crystal Lakes Carp Cabin

A multichannel booking system for the always busy lake-side business.

With all wooden cabins booked often for months ahead, Carp Cabin needed a system which could self-manage as much, as it is possible. They had customers booking trough the phone, Facebook, e-mail, and were looking at getting an website where the customers could book themselves — plus a system which would allow to organise all the bookings in one place, to allow for the further business expansion.

Symfony PHP JavaScript

Online Radio PWA

A web app, that allows you to listen to worldwide online radio stations. Works entirely in the web browser — and can be installed to work as a progressive web app.

This one had two goals: whether I can make a PWA and whether I can do it in vanilla JavaScript.

PHP JavaScript Progressive Web App


Web-based app, that integrates a lot of software and hardware, to provide a home server — private cloud experience for the family.

With a custom OAuth provider and the built-in integration with a growing list of open source apps, HomeServer's functionality is constantly growing, as the new code can be installed and integrated with HS with little to no effort. This allowed me to provide custom made solutions to everyone, who is now a proud owner the little helpful box.

OAuth REST PHP MySQL Progressive Web App Bootstrap Debian


Full-stack software development for the biggest pay weekly online store in UK.

Symfony PHP JavaScript REST MySQL AWS

Network Tools

A web app that helps you diagnose websites - you can check if it's up, domain's DNS entries, mail servers, etc.

It was build to help me diagnose web issues quickly and efficiently.

PHP Linux


DHKM is an Android app that allows you to check when the bus will be on your stop – live. It can locate you or you can select one of your favorite stops.

Android JSON REST Google Location API

Joanna Ruszuk-Synoracka

Joanna is a solicitor based in a charming city of Białystok, located in north-eastern Poland. She specialises in corporate law, helping companies thrive, saving it's time and resources by taking care of the legal side of running a business.

Joanna approached me, wanting to create a website for her law firm. The site had to be modern, yet trustworthy, mostly informational and, of course, it should convince people to contact the firm.


Agroturystyka Pohulanka

Pohulanka is a tiny village in the far side of Podlaskie voivodeship, north-eastern Poland. Owner of one of the household there approached me with an idea to create a website for his newly started business.

What he had in mind was a simple informational website containing photos, offer, navigation instructions and some info about the site and it's neighbourhood.