Online Radio PWA
PHP JavaScript Progressive Web App

A web app, that allows you to listen to worldwide online radio stations. Works entirely in the web browser — and can be installed to work as a progressive web app.

Here's the thing – what do you do when the radio station you want to listen to doesn't even broadcast in the country you're in? You can build a really big antenna and hope for the best or you could just use the internet - where country borders don't really matter.

Well, I was almost there when I found the stream URL; unfortunately in the era of Spotify I don't really have any other music player app anymore, so the obvious (not) solution was to build my own.

The app supports adding stations to favourites
The app supports adding stations to favourites

This one had two goals: whether I can make a PWA and whether I can do it in vanilla JavaScript.

Well, goals met, and now I can listen to the selected online radio stations without installing anything, just directly in the browser. The app has a list of stations which can be easily updated, supports adding stations to favourites and saves all the preferences in the browser's local storage. It is also super-easy to use.