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Online Radio PWA
PHP JavaScript Progressive Web App

A web app, that allows you to listen to worldwide online radio stations. Works entirely in the web browser — and can be installed to work as a progressive web app.

Here's the thing – what do you do when the radio station you want to listen to doesn't even broadcast in the country you're in? You can build a really big antenna and hope for the best or you could just use the internet - where country borders don't really matter.

Well, I was almost there when I found the stream URL; unfortunately in the era of Spotify I don't really have any other music player app anymore, so the obvious (not) solution was to build my own.

This one had two goals: whether I can make a PWA and whether I can do it in vanilla JavaScript.

Well, goals met, and now I can listen to the selected online radio stations without installing anything, just directly in the browser. The app has a list of stations which can be easily updated, supports adding stations to favourites and saves all the preferences in the browser's local storage. It is also super-easy to use.