Have you ever needed to copy files from one media to another, on the go?

As you might, or might not know, I like taking pictures. A lot of them. I do go on a weekend getaways with a complete set of tech gadgets one can take and run without access to the power outlet – so, anything with a battery.

You know what I also like? Making backups. As a wise somebody once said, people are divided into ones making backups and ones that will make backups. It seems I fit the first group, having previously lost a whole summer worth of photos because of single memory card failure.

So, I would like to make a copy on a separate physical drive. What would you use? A laptop? Sure, probably the easiest way. But running your laptop in the car is hardly convenient. Believe me, I’ve tried. One of those extremely overpriced HDDs, which have an option to connect SD card, then? Hell no, have you seen their price tags?

HomeServer Projects

HS3: 2020 update

Well. 2019. Long year, in which I had a little time for my personal projects, unfortunately. One of my new year, new me things is to turn that around and spend more time on the thing I enjoy the most, including coding, of course.

The main con of having too little time is that you make shortcuts, which lead to the technical debt. That was something I had to deal with. HS3 was therefore almost rewritten, which in the retrospective was a good thing – taught me, that you cannot rush everything, especially the software design. Now, with that knowledge stuck in my brain, I present to you 2020’s version of the Home Server project.